Was the NASA stitched High-res version of Pluto a bit glitch for you too? I downloaded all the parts, and applied some Photoshop for your downloading pleasure: download link


– I have created an article on medium about this project. Read it. – Dawn. The start of something new. Dawn is an app concept for a inverted clock. Instead of showing you what time it is, it shows you places where the sun is rising right now. Did you know that in Winter, the…

Don’t try to fix it, improve it!

  I was lying comfortably in my bed, when suddenly ‘Bzzzzz’. A mosquito! As any normal person would, I turned on the light, grabbed something to swat it with, and jumped on the bed to look where it was. I spotted it on the roll-up curtain. *Smack!* And in that one unlucky blow I not only…

  • Treasure Box
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  • _6008540

Treasure box

Little papercraft treasure box. Inside this box are little magnets that give it an invisible hinge. 7cm*7cm*6cm  

  • Floating Memories
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  • _6008529

Floating Memories

Whenever my fiancé travels, she likes to collect rocks as souvenirs. These rocks serve as memories, and you can find many around the appartment. I made this papercraft sculpture to give them a more prominent place. The rock at the bottom of the mobile serves as a counterweight to keep everything stable. Full size here…

Meet Wink.

Wink is nothing more than an old camera part and some duct-tape. Except he is much more. Wink is an experiment to find out what is needed to create a basic anthropomorphic robot. Created this together with the talented Alan Nguyen. After some work I made Wink run stand-alone, by using facial tracking algorithms. He…


“Some stories are so important, they need to be told to whoever wants to listen.” Flaskpost is a concept product, the first piece of a larger puzzle. Flaskpost is a manual for people who want to tell their story to the world, no matter the recipient. It shows how to broadcast a message to a…

Chroma interactive

Chroma is an interactive ecosystem looking for balance. Every part of it is sensitive to disturbances. The smallest human intervention can have a great effect. Not only you – the visitor – influences Chroma, it is also influenced by itself, triggering a sensational chain reaction of light and colour. Like any ecosystem, Chroma will return…

Double Rainbow

As part of a 24-hour speed creation challenge, I created the Double Rainbow lampshade. Only rubber bands and coloring pencils where used. Designmind sketch jam

Wagboard 360

The wagboard 360 is a new take on the classic skateboard. The special wheels enable the board to go in any direction. The wagboard 360 is created by: Jan van der Asdonk Guus Baggermans Jasper Dekker David Menting

Freeman – Pacman 5.0 Arcade Cabinet

Arcade cabinet created for STRP Art & Technology festival 2009. Freeman takes the classical Pac-Man game to new, unfettered heights. It brings you infinite gaming pleasure. Gone are all the borders blocking mobility. Your environment is fully secure, with all the spooky terrorist safely contained. It is consumerism heaven. Insert any coin. Eat as much…