Mixed Reality: circular pong

Mixed reality header

The mixed reality prototype emerges the user in a real life to virtual experience. It combines a real life object to control a beamed image without the loss of direct location feedback.

The prototype consists of:
– a beamer
– a glass plate
– a wireless pen
– laptop running the appropriate software

The software running on the prototype is running on th Adobe Flash platform. It uses a self created calibration algorithm to determine the pens’ position relative to the beamed image. Because the calibration routine is run at start up, the prototype can quickly be set up and realigned. The technology used is the same as the one used in a PDA with touch screen for example.

The final prototype runs a game of circular pong. The goal is to stop the ball from hitting the sides of the screen, by placing the pen between the balls’ direction and the wall. Points are gained every time you hit the ball, but the game also speeds up the longer you last.

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