Funboard Prototype


Together with my colleague Brian I created this snowboard, called the funboard. The main idea behind it is to boos the agility and pop that is in a normal snowboard. By making the basic shape in a curve, instead of flat like a normal snowboard, the boarder gains the ability to make quick turns, or stand on one foot. The board also works as a leaf spring, so that the boarder will gain extra height in a jump.

The baseplate of the board is made out of 2 layers of plywood. The plywood was bent using steam, and then glued together.

Funboard bent
plywood layers glued together

After glueing, the board was covered in several layers of fiber glass. This gives the board its strengths and bounce. We mounted the foot mounts on top of the first fiber glass layer, and put on the top fiberglass layer.

Funboard Glassfiber
first layer of fiberglass

To finish the board off, we applied several layers of tar spray paint. This paint never really hardens, so it won’t come off the board.

Funboard Finished
Finished funboard

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