Project Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby

To design the aesthetics of a 1500 meter long mobile ice track. This was the assignment we received from our client. Of course, this being an industrial design project, our team wanted to take things a step further. We first started to research the art of ice creation, after we tried to create some indoor skating ice ourselves.

We created a special radiator, that could mount into a conventional refrigerator. We attached a pump to this radiator, that would pump cooling liquid.

Ice Ice Baby fridge
Refrigerator with our custom radiator

We hooked the pump up to a special hose, and created an insulating wooden box, for the water to be put in.

Ice Ice Baby ice
Ice creation box

During a brainstorm on ice creation, we came to the idea of adding product to regular skating ice. This way we came up with a new type of skating ice. It is tougher than normal ice, and has the possibility of being sculpted. The toughness made it possible to have a much thinner layer of ice, which is in turn very good on energy consumption, which is of course one of the downsides of regular ice tracks. The sculpting possibilities gave us an idea for making a skatepark for iceskates.

Ice Ice Baby layered ice
Layered reinforced ice

Of course a normal ice track doesn’t allow bends and banks. This is why we designed a new ice floor. Our ice floor has a base layer of inflatable cushions, so it can be placed on any surface, smooth or bumpy, while always insulating the cooling tubers. The cooling tubes are curved in the direction of the track, giving them the ability to stretch in a curve. Below you can see a blow up of the components.

Ice Ice baby matt blowup
Ice Mattress blow-up

Finally we also designed the roof construction for the whole track. We used triangular shaped canvas in combination with a curved truss structure. The shape of this structure is arranged so that the track can be set up in different curves. It’s also possible to pull down the roof construction to the ground to lock it off at night.

Ice Ice Baby roof construction
Roof construction

During our final presentation we used the ‘mixed reality’ prototype to display an anaglyph 3D movie. This movie showed how the track in total would look for an ice skater.

Ice Ice baby final presentation
Final presentation with 3D movie

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