Project Newsflash

Project newsflash

“To design a system that tells the story of the news through the medium of light with which the user can interact to change the view”

Today many people, especially youngsters, just quickly scan the headlines of the newspaper, and then go off to whatever they have to do that day. They form an opinion on a little bit of information, which can lead to simple things like disagreements with people, and even heavier consequences.

The way the news is brought to the actual user, greatly influences the way the basic facts are picked up. The daily news goes through several filters and people, before the general public hears about it. This filtering colors the news, and can actually blur out the original fact. Not only the way an article in a newspaper is written, the articles next to it, the pictures around it, the headline used and even the fact that it is printed or not, define the coloring of the news as a whole. Therefore I tried to focus my attention during the project on bringing the news to the user as unfiltered as possible.

This is why I created project ‘newsflash’. The system projects several search terms the user can follow to start his news reading adventure. When a certain term is selected, the system juxtaposes 2 articles next to each other, and the user can decide which one is his or her truth. By wiping over an article it is removed, and another article from another newspaper on the same subject is displayed in its place. The user can browse between different news sources, different articles, and switch topics. By doing this, the system tries to provide the user a full 360 degree view on the news, instead of the single view a single newspaper can provide. The user can form a better image of the news, and will be better informed.

The prototype shown in the movie above, is a real working prototype. It runs on a flash CS3 engine, in combination with the API to fetch news stories from thousands of papers. The interface is projected on the interactive book surface that tracks the users movements.

This project was done as in Industrial Design Student Master project at the Department of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

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